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Passionate About Sustainable Aboriginal Independence 

Since first contact in the Kimberley, we have seen the devastating impact that Aboriginal communities face when excluded from the development of regions. We aspire to a future where Aboriginal people are part of the economy, have


jobs and are able to explore business opportunities. Our mission is to assist in the relief of poverty, sickness, destitution, helplessness, distress, suffering, and misfortune, among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, through the process of supporting social and economic development.


Our principal focus is being part of the economy and building human capital. 

We do this through brain and parenting education, to equip people with the skills to improve their wellbeing and contribute to society. In addition we provide agricultural services within a integrated whole of farm life system and a variety of activities:

  • to value add cattle

  • bee farming (native and european) 

  • dryland farming

  • agriculture farming and a variety of bush foods.

Representing a unique future orientated approach, that combines the objectives of accelerating the development and expansion of an innovative Indigenous agri-industry while at the same time ensuring Indigenous inclusion in the process. In so doing it will ensure not only the development of Indigenous businesses but position Indigenous businesses as Industry leaders.

Our bush foods and tropical plants business is currently in a pilot phase. Research and testing is being conducted on the growth of the plant species in the Kimberley prior to full scale production.

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